Thursday, November 13, 2014


I'm looking at my calendar and it feels as if the end of the year is crashing down on top of me. Not only do we have Thanksgiving and Christmas to celebrate, there are like seven birthdays, one of which I'm already late on, sorry Marg! It's coming soon I promise... Plus our annual Christmas party, The Christmas Carol at ACT theater, multiple hockey games, Christmas cards to get ordered and in the mail... A flight across the country to spend Christmas with mom, not to mention Christmas gifts for family far away to get bought, wrapped and mailed. That's where amazon prime comes in...


I started working on our Christmas cards today but was in such a foul mood doing it I almost dropped an F-Bomb in the Christmas greeting...  so that's been set aside for a better day.

and while most people in my world would love that... The one who don't, well... I don't want to take those calls.

I read this quote online the other day and while I don't know who the author is it rings pretty true

'I've thought about running away more as an adult than I ever did as a child'

I know why it rings true... Because once you hit adulthood sh!t gets real.

Happy Thursday. I'm off to knit.

I'm going to put together a post of finished objects because there are actually a few of them and hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Retreat!

my new knitting bag
I love this weekend so much. I not only get some solid knitting time in, I get to catch up with old friends. Eat amazing meals at Prima Bistro, and this weekend I actually ventured off to Fern Ridge Alpaca Farm in Clinton, WA on Whidbey Island.
The best part of this years retreat weekend? 
My mom came with me this year. 
She made the long trip from Florida to the cold rainy Pacific NW and we had a blast. 

12th man hat for a friend.

We headed up Friday morning, whipping up the freeway, boarding the ferry and Bam! instant relaxation. 
Everyone starts arriving about 12:00 and trickles in throughout the afternoon. We wandered thru the town, bought some more yarn, and then settled in at the Saratoga Inn to knit until our reservation for dinner. 

Neon Beast in progress
Quick Blurb here about dinner. 
We ate at Prima Bistro both nights, every time we/I go I eat there exclusively for dinner. I have eaten there for 5 years now and have never ever had a disappointing meal, the food is always amazing and the staff, atmosphere, owners, and clientele creates an amazing space. When you go to Langley, because really if you come all the way to Washington you must hop the ferry to Whidbey and have lunch or dinner or both at Prima Bistro.

After eating an amazing meal at said restaurant above mom and I wandered back to the inn where she headed to bed and I stayed up a little later with some of the ladies. 

Saturday morning I was up and knitting by 5:00 a.m. curled in a chair by the fire... 

I glanced up once and noticed the sunrise was promising to be amazing so before I could think straight, I grabbed my camera and headed outside and snapped off a load of sunrise photos... I feel bad for any locals who drove past the crazy girl in her capri pj bottoms, christmas themed t-shirt, knit socks and brightly knit hat frantically running up and down the sidewalk taking pictures... 

The Saratoga Inn early Saturday morning with the full moon behind it.
Later in the morning we decided to head out to Fern Ridge Alpaca Farm.
Seriously, I had no idea what to expect and I was blown away.

We arrived, thanks to siri, and pulled up to a Yurt that is a Farm Store.

It's really a YARN store in a YURT! Featuring the yarn of all the alpacas we saw along the drive as we came in.

It was amazing and I'll let the pictures do the talking.
I highly recommend calling ahead and meeting the owner at the shop and then going in and touching everything.

After we had spent pretty much our whole budget, the farmer let mom and I into the alpaca pen and we able to play with some of the alpacas whose wool we had just bought... One spit on me while I was trying to get his photo. I think that means he loves me.

 Bob the spitter...

I know I loved him. 

I bought a skein of this cream colored as well... so wonderful

I bought a skein of this wonderful blend. Smitty and Freya are father-daughter.

What a wonderful trip and adventure! I can't wait till next year. I know for certain I'll be back at Fern Ridge Alpaca's with a much bigger budget and a rain jacket in case Bob the spitter has another go at me... 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MIA for just a wee bit longer...

Life sneaks up on you, ya know? It comes out of nowhere and all of the sudden you have to drop a few balls and this blog was my easiest to drop.
There are ups, there are downs, there is stress, and there is always laughter.
That's life.
That's my life right now.
I knit a little
I'm reading a lot (it's an escape mechanism for me that hails back to my childhood, I'm sure a therapist could give more insight on my current choice of assassin novels lol)
I don't know what to say. I have too much to say.
We had a fantastic time in Maui with The Rentals, which is how I've started referring to my niece and her best friend.
I loved every minute of our trip.

Heads up mom, I got a new tattoo and if you want I'll show you in November. I'm probably going to text a picture to G so he'll probably show you before hand. You don't like them I understand that, but this one is awesome.

So to catch you up with pictures, which is safer than words right now, here is a glimpse at our trip to Maui and last weekend in Leavenworth, WA for Oktoberfest.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew Bird. 8 years... where did it go?

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